Family budget planning. Tips for saving and managing your budget

Many families face financial difficulties. An acute shortage of funds before the salary forces people to apply to credit organizations. Such circumstances arise due to improper distribution of income. To avoid difficulties relating money, you need to learn how to properly maintain and save the family budget for family expenses. The planning of home finances involves taking into account the needs of the whole family, the control of spending and everyday purchases.

What is a family budget?

The definition refers to the planning of expenses for all households, taking into account the total income. It is compiled for a month, may include the necessary costs, additional expenses (holidays, seasonal purchases, trips, treatment).

How to learn planning your family budget for a month? You need to start with an analysis of profits and expenses over the past weeks, which will show a clear picture of needs. In the period of 2-3 months, write down the expenses, calculate the total amount, start optimization. 

Classification of family budget expenses

Effective family budget planning is impossible without cost control. Here we have 4 categories:

1. Personal expenses of each spouse.

2. Debts to credit companies.

3. Costs for children.

4. General family spending.

Plan each of the items listed separately. Stick to the chart, write down expenses, arrivals.

How to allocate a budget for a month?

Having learned how to properly manage the family budget, everyone can avoid living on credit. Keep priority on the most important and urgent expense items. Alternately put off finances on loan payments (if any), savings. Create an “envelope” for unforeseen cases - breakdowns, illness, urgent trip. The rest of the money should be allocated to current needs:

What should not be allowed when planning a family budget?

The correct distribution of the family budget is possible if you do not make common mistakes. Let's dwell on each:

A bigger part of the income is spent during the first week for personal needs. Having spent a large amount, the family understands that there is practically no money left for the rent, food. Then there is a wrong solution to the problem - payment of housing and communal services in part leading to the debt the next month.

Money intended for regular bank payments is sent to the wrong address. When loan repayment periods are running out, all remaining funds are spent on debt.

Irrational distribution of finances to personal needs during the month. For example, someone from the family decided to treat themselves to a new thing. Suddenly there was a breakdown in the house (car). There are 2 options left - to ask friends, get a loan from a bank.

How can I save?

You can save money on leisure activities - skip going to the cinema, restaurant, club. It is better to leave money for the following:

Self-development. Useful courses, fitness abonnement are a more profitable investment than the regular purchase of gastronomic delights. It is important to learn how to properly distribute the family budget for food. This does not mean that you need to limit yourself to wholesome food. The diet should be balanced. Useful and affordable products can always be found on the shelves. Do not forget about the rule of the thumb - go to the store full, make a list in advance.

Health. Do not self-medicate, forget about saving on health. This can lead to additional waste and poor health. It is recommended to consult a doctor, to purchase high-quality medicines.

Family budget tips to help you adapt faster. The most effective of them:

Assign the purpose of accumulation;

start saving as much as possible, eliminating unnecessary expenses;

apply for a deposit account;

revise your budget;

keep home records.

Budgeting Programs

Even Excel program will make the calculation procedure quick and convenient by automating it. There are other programs for budgeting. Among them are:



 "Family 10".

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